Jose Canseco broke down in tears while talking to “Inside Edition” about how he accidentally shot his middle finger off while cleaning his gun. The incident happened on Tuesday at Canseco’s Las Vegas home.

“At first I heard it go off and I actually grabbed the gun and put it on the table. Thought nothing had happened. Then I look at my hand and my finger’s blown off,” Canseco tells Victoria Recano of “Inside Edition” in an interview to air on Thursday evening.

Canseco was joined by this fiance Laila Knight, a swimsuit model, who was at the house at the time of the accident.

“I was telling Jose not to look at his hand because he kept saying that he felt nauseous and said he was going to pass out,” Knight recalls.

Canseco underwent emergency surgery on his left hand to reattach his missing digit, but the prognosis isn’t great. Doctors told the 50-year-old ex-MLB star that he’d never regain full use of his hurt hand again.

Canseco, however, is already looking on the bright side. Well, besides the whole breaking down in tears part. He later told the program: “I’m just glad nothing happened to her [Knight]. If it’s a lesson having to lose a finger, so be it.”