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Watch the Phoenix Suns get a Halloween dino-scare

Suns guard Archie Goodwin reacted to the dinosaur by throwing a gallon jug of water at it, which is interesting. (Phoenix Suns via YouTube)
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Members of the Phoenix Suns were just minding their own business, walking down a corridor Friday, when — yikes! — a Tyrannosaurus rex came roaring out from behind a curtain. At least one Sun (looking at you, Gerald Green) seemed pretty sure that he was being set up for some kind of Halloween prank. But plenty of other Suns still had appropriately amusing reactions.

Guard Goran Dragic was the Prankster-in-Chief on Friday, and he took delight in scaring, or at least startling the heck out of, teammates Tyler Ennis, Eric Bledsoe, Archie Goodwin, Anthony Tolliver, Zoran Dragic (yes, Goran’s brother), Alex Len, twins Marcus and Markieff Morris, Coach Jeff Hornacek and Vice President of Player Programs Mark West.

Oh, and team owner Robert Sarver, who didn’t appear to have been in on the joke at all.

The most priceless reaction had to have been that of Tolliver. And boos to Green for not being any fun at all.

Bledsoe later posted footage of his scare on Instagram:

That post was accompanied by the caption “This means war dragon!” Uh, it’s a dinosaur, dude — and one that has made appearances at sporting events before. (Heck the “baby T” even threw out the first pitch at a Padres game.)

[Update, Saturday: As has been pointed out in the comments below and to me via Twitter, Goran Dragic is nicknamed “Dragon," so Bledsoe’s caption makes perfect sense. My apologies to Bledsoe and our readers.]

The faux-dinos are part of a touring show, “Walking with Dinosaurs,” which will come to Phoenix’s US Airways Center in November. Apparently, you can rent one to stalk co-workers at your office building, which should be good for a laugh.