Stephon Marbury celebrates after leading the Beijing Ducks to their first CBA championship in 2012. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

After his NBA career petered out in 2009, Stephon Marbury took his fading talents to China, and it may have been the best move he ever made. Marbury helped the Beijing Ducks win Chinese Basketball Association championships in 2012 and 2014, after which the team, which had never before won a title, erected a statue of the guard outside of its arena.

Now the two-time NBA all-star is taking his “Starbury” persona to another level, starring in a Beijing musical called “I Am Marbury.” According to the New Republic, the musical is not about Marbury, per se, but it is more of an allegory, transposing elements of his life into a story about a pair of struggling Beijing musicians who eventually make it big. Along the way, they are inspired by a sort of spiritual essence of the basketball player, who inspires them to overcome odds and fulfill their dreams.

Marbury himself does appear in the production, speaking a few lines and participating in some choreographed numbers. The New Republic story has him uttering these profundities during the final scene:

“I am Marbury. You are Marbury. We are all connected.

“I am a champion. You are a champion. But it was all yesterday. We will never stop working hard. We will never be satisfied. We will always keep moving on.”

While you’re pondering the fact that you are Marbury — or were you just Marbury yesterday? — here is some video (in which the production is referred to as “I Was Marbury”):