The University of North Carolina is continuing to deal with the fallout from a bombshell report that laid out an academic scandal that spanned nearly two decades and affected thousands of student-athletes. The Washington Post’s Chuck Culpepper wrote about the report when it first broke in October:

An eight-month probe has estimated that the ‘shadow curriculum’ that existed at the University of North Carolina from 1993 to 2011 offered a grade-point boost from phony coursework to more than 3,100 students, including a disproportionately high percentage of student-athletes. … The report … also provided the deepest reading to date on the link between student-athlete counselors and the Department of African and Afro-American Studies.

Now, someone claiming to be former Tar Heels defensive tackle Tydreke Powell has corroborated the probe’s findings with presumable first-hand knowledge. The man, who, if actually Powell, played football at UNC from 2008 to 2011, laid it all out during a call-in radio program on Greensboro, N.C.’s 102Jamz on Monday night. He described a pretty sad state of affairs and implicated former Tar Heels football coach Butch Davis and current basketball coach Roy Williams in his accusations, as well.

“Butch Davis came into a meeting one day and he said, ‘If y’all came for an education, you should have went to Harvard,'” the caller said (via Sports Illustrated).

“It ain’t that we go in there and say we want to take African American studies,” he said. “When somebody says that, what are we supposed to do? That’s our leader, man. … How did we know about it? They put it on the table for us, you can do this, do that.”

The man’s statements line up closely with a lawsuit brought over the weekend by former UNC football player Michael McAdoo, who, the Associated Press reports, is seeking damages from the school for guiding him to the shadow curriculum and, thus, not providing him with an adequate education — something that was promised to him as part of his recruitment package.

“We’re not out to vilify UNC. We’re trying to restore the student-athlete principle that UNC’s really been for so long in the forefront of,” McAdoo’s lawyer Jeremi Duru told the AP.

The man claiming to be Powell, however, did vilify the administration, including one of the men who, although not heavily implicated in the probe, has attracted a lot of flack due to information coming out about the number of UNC basketball players who benefited from the shadow curriculum.

He said, via Sports Illustrated:

“You know he know, man. Roy Williams is a snake … Listen, let me tell you this right here. One thing about Carolina, man, if you ain’t got a class with a basketball player, you [better] go find one. If you got one with [them], you know it’s an A … Butch Davis kinda turned it around, but we still didn’t get no respect. But when these guys, when you walked into class and saw a basketball player, if you dropped that class, I mean you were just ignorant, man. …
“It’s the coaches that are telling us stuff. What are we supposed to do? We’re away from our parents, we’re looking up to this guy. When they come in your house and living room and they got those Super Bowl rings on, the last thing you’re thinking about is a class.”