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Mississippi State’s Josh Robinson’s butt may not be magazine cover-worthy like Kim Kardashian’s

Josh Robinson rambles for a touchdown last month. (Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

Sorry, Kim Kardashian, but you’ve got nothing on Josh Robinson.

The Mississippi State running back has gotten a great deal of press for having a porch-like posterior in addition to, ahem, having actual talent. With Dak Presscott is a legitimate Heisman Trophy hopeful, State is 9-0 and on top of the College Football Playoff rankings thanks, in part, to the man Yahoo calls, alternately, a human bowling ball and the SEC’s sex symbol.

The upside to Robinson’s backside?

“I think that’s why the women come to the games,” he cracked earlier this fall as MSU was beginning its ascendance.

Robinson is the SEC’s second-leading rusher with 984 yards on 146 carries for a 6.7-yard average and, yes, his butt even has a Twitter feed. At roughly 5-foot-9 and 215 pounds, he’s a compact back who relies on a strong work ethic and gravity. “He’s low to the Earth,” State linebacker Bernardrick McKinney told Yahoo.

And, if Mississippi State can win the national title, maybe he’ll #breaktheinternet and balance a glass of champagne back there.