Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall (15) talks with Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (81) after a 2013 game. (Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press)

It’s been a rough season for Chicago, especially wide receiver Brandon Marshall. The 3-6 Bears are getting regularly embarrassed on the field, while Marshall is suffering through a sub-par, injury-marred season, one that’s also seen him call out quarterback Jay Cutler.

Perhaps that’s why Marshall seemed to be in such a pugnacious mood Thursday, although not too many people would have appreciated the online comments to which the wide receiver responded.

The exchange began with Twitter user and apparent Lions fan “@AnthonyGKalla” posting a photo of comments he’d made on Marshall’s Instagram account, based on the receiver’s 2013 remark that Detroit was Chicago’s “little brother.” AnthonyGKalla’s comments consisted of “Remember when you called Detroit the little brother? Haha,” “WELL LOOK WHOS AT THE BOTTOM NOW YOU B***H!!” and “Btw your mom is still a whore.”

Marshall clearly took offense to that (or perhaps to some troll confusing him with Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant), because he responded on his Twitter account, telling AnthonyGKalla, “I give you 5k to get in a ring with me.” Marshall then upped the ante.

Was Marshall being serious? Would he really pay a Lions fan $5,000 to fight him, then pay an extra $20,000 if he lost?

Well, probably not.

Either Marshall thought better of it or a Chicago official through to him. Either way, there apparently won’t be a fight, but the reeling Bears still have two games to play with the real Lions, who lead the division at 7-2.

The Twitter fight that did take place goes to AnthonyGKalla in a TKO, given that he was able to very successfully troll a member of a team he clearly dislikes.