Mike Golic, one half of the ESPN morning show “Mike and Mike,” had a bet going with his co-host, Mike Greenberg, involving their respective alma maters. If Notre Dame lost to Northwestern, Golic would have to recreate the recently inescapable Kim Kardashian “Break the Internet” photo.

No, I won’t provide a link to the image of Kim K showing off her most marketable asset (if you found this, you can certainly find that). But since Notre Dame lost the game, and thus Golic lost the bet, and this is a sports blog, well …

Yikes. A bow hasn’t done this much good for humanity since one was wielded by Robin Hood.

I’ll now provide some more content to help you scroll down and try to get that disturbing image out of your head.

In fact, here’s a paragraph break just to get that process started.

Frank Caliendo did a bit for the ESPN show, impersonating various celebrities (as he’s wont to do) leaving voicemails for “Mike and Mike” about the Golic photo. (Clip courtesy of Faux John Madden)

Caliendo also pitched in via Twitter.

Other sports celebrities were moved to comment, as well.