Robert Kraft never leaves home without his Nikes. (A.J. Mast / AP)

Now, for a mere $150, you can emulate the people who really matter in the NFL: the owners.

Nike put its first owner’s model shoe, Patriots Lunar Force 1, on sale Monday and this version, the Robert Kraft model, sold out in about a minute. It figures they’d be collectors’ items and, besides, the New England Patriots owner has been stylin’ in them everywhere, from Sunday’s game at Gillette Stadium to the Oscars and Grammys. This all started legitimately a few years back when Kraft, 73, asked Nike contacts about designing a shoe that would alleviate foot pain he was experiencing.

Enter the Lunar Force 1, which is blue with a gray swoosh, has the Patriots logo on the tongue and the phrase “We are all Patriots — RKK.” A portion of the proceeds from sales of the shoe will help support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. Kraft, according to the Boston Globe, said he has been asked by rock stars, tycoons, Tommy Hilfiger and Kraft’s steady, actress-dancer Ricki Noel Lander, for a pair. For now, they are in men’s sizes only.

Nike spokesman KeJuan Wilkins told the Globe that the design is an updated version of the Air Force model, a classic introduced in 1982.

“I’ve worn them with black tie, with jeans and a sports jacket, with a T-shirt and shorts,” Kraft said (via the Globe). “People stop me on the street and tell me how cool they look. I’ve had inner-city kids tell me how hip I am.”

Wonder what the models for other owners’ shoes might look like…