On Sunday, the New York Giants didn’t just lose, they fell to the Jacksonville Jaguars with a dispiriting performance that has the team pondering something it finds inherently distasteful.

Is it time for Tom Coughlin to go?

The idea of getting rid of a man who has won two Super Bowls is shocking — and the Giants are one of the most patient and prudent teams when it comes to personnel and coaching decisions. But these Giants lost their seventh straight game Sunday, gacking away a 21-point lead and falling 25-24. A year ago, they lost their first six games and, overall, they’ve missed the playoffs five times in the last six seasons. Two Super Bowl rings can take a coach only so far and the New York Daily News and New York Post called the loss a game-changer.

There’s a sense that Coughlin, 68, is out of ideas and that the team needs a new face. With four games left, the Giants, with only one more victory than the Jets have, aren’t looking like they’ll finish on a high note, Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News writes.

In fairness to Coughlin, he’s not exactly playing with a stacked roster — especially considering they’ve been hit by the worst injury onslaught in the league. But at some point, shouldn’t he be able to do what Jaguars coach Gus Bradley just did on Sunday — get something better out of a bad team?
Instead, at a time when maybe Coughlin could’ve saved his job just by getting his team to show some fight down the stretch and not turn the end of this season into a death march, his Giants keep doing nothing on game day. At a time when Giants ownership, according to multiple sources, has been hoping and searching for any reasons to keep him, Coughlin instead has given them a reason to look away.

Another part of Coughlin’s problem is the team’s roster, including struggling quarterback Eli Manning. It’s time to evaluate everyone, from the top of the roster to the bottom and that includes people whose last name is Manning. Someone must determine whom to keep, whom to fire, whom to hire. With every loss, that becomes a clearer message for the Giants’ owners with the team assured of back-to-back, sub-.500 seasons for the first time since the 2003-04 seasons.

On “Sunday Night Football,” he lost the support of Tony Dungy, who said he should step down. Asked by Dan Patrick if it is time to start over in New York, Dungy replied, “It really is” and added that rebuilding should begin with Coughlin.

“I think that you start with the coach, and Tom Coughlin should not be fired. You don’t fire coaches that have won two Super Bowls, but he should step down,” Dungy said. “This is going to be a long-term rebuilding process.”

Rodney Harrison agreed. “Last week I talked about the Giants needing to play four quarters. Tom Coughlin has been talking about that the entire year. Eli is still making rookie mistakes. They are 3-9 at this point. He is not going to get any better. And an older quarterback like Eli, that’s not very athletic–Guess what? He gets less athletic the older he gets. It’s time to move in a different direction.”