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Cubs set themselves up to make ‘Back to the Future II’ World Series win a reality

“The Cubs?” “The Cubs.” (Ralph Nelson/ Universal City Studios)

Fire up the DeLorean, 2015 might just be the Chicago Cubs’ year — just like “Back to the Future II” predicted in 1989.

The big free-agent signing of pitcher Jon Lester to a six-year, $155 million contract and the hiring of Manager Joe Maddon has everyone flashing back to a scene from the movie in which Marty McFly and Terry see a video hologram billboard shows the 2015 World Series winner: It’s the Cubs in a sweep of Miami.

Feel free to poke holes in the prediction, even if Maddon does look a little like Doc Brown with more hair. For one thing, the movie has the Cubs (who last won the Series in 1908) sweeping in five games, which makes it a best-of-nine Series. Both the Miami and Chicago teams are in the National League. So either cataclysmic change is coming soon to baseball or “BTTF II” won’t be totally accurate. And the Cubs, after their big week at the winter meetings, aren’t anything like a 100-1 shot to win the Series. has ’em at 10-1 to win it all.