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Faux Pelini will live on, despite Bo Pelini’s ouster from Nebraska

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini holds a cat as the team emerges from the tunnel prior to Nebraska’s Red-White spring NCAA college football game on April 12. (Francis Gardler/AP/The Journal-Star)

After weeks of handwringing and worry about the fate of Faux Pelini after real football coach Bo Pelini was fired by Nebraska, very important #news broke today — the parody Twitter account will live on.

“It seems there’s still some life left to this thing,” the anonymous Chicago attorney and Nebraska fan behand @FauxPelini told ESPN on Friday. “Faux can live on as the Youngstown State coach and still will remain very interested in events back in Lincoln. He’ll have some things to say about that.”

Phew. The account’s 175,000 followers can breathe a sigh of relief.

The worry for fans of the extremely amusing account was real, however, especially after @FauxPelini authored a legendary welcome letter to new Nebraska coach Mike Riley.

The best thing about the job, @FauxPelini wrote on Dec. 4, “UNLIMITED KHAKIS AND HOODIES. Check the walk-in closet behind Tim Miles’ office by the Coke machine. OH GOD I MISS IT SO.”

Luckily, it looks like there will be more tweets about khakis, hoodies and Coke machines going forward, despite that the real Pelini will be at Youngstown State, where he was hired to coach the football team on Dec. 16.

Youngstown State might be the more excited than anyone, though. The university’s athletic department welcomed Faux to the fold shortly after news broke that the account would live on.

The man behind Faux, however, hopes YSU keeps its expectations in check. While the real Pelini will be very much involved, Faux Pelini has a different play.

“We could have some fun it,” Faux’s creator told ESPN. “But I hope this doesn’t shock anyone to hear that I will not be watching their games and tweeting along.”

More importantly, will the account still feature pictures of cats? (This meme became so popular this year that the real Pelini carried a cat onto the field for the Cornhuskers’ spring game on April 12.)

The answer?

Methinks he means meow-be.