Team USA’s Abby Wambach heads the ball during the match against Argentina. (Evaristo Sa/AFP/Getty Images)

The U.S. women’s national soccer team lost the No. 1 spot in FIFA’s world rankings to Germany, the world soccer governing body announced Friday. It’s the first time the USWNT has not been ranked first since March 2008.

The Americans didn’t drop too far, though. Thanks to a dominating 7-0 win over Argentina at the International Tournament of Brasilia, they’re still ranked second, followed by France, Japan, Sweden, England, South Korea, Brazil, Canada and Australia in the top 10.

The American women will take on Brazil, which avoided a draw that would’ve eliminated the United States from the four-team competition and instead won their semifinal match against China, 4-1, in the final of the Brasila tournament. In a previous round of the tournament, the Brazilian women beat the Unite States, 3-2.

So will the U.S. women reclaim the top spot in FIFA’s rankings if they go on to win the rematch and the Brasilia tournament title?

No. That’s the thing about FIFA rankings — they don’t really make all that much sense. It’s not that Germany doesn’t deserve the top spot — the team beat all 10 teams its played in World Cup qualifying rounds, and the Germans also only have one loss in the last few months, falling to France in an October friendly.

The United States, meanwhile, lost to Brazil and, unlike Germany, also has a tie — the Americans drew with China during the Brasilia tournament. That said, the United States beat France earlier this year and also, wouldn’t it make sense that if the Americans should win the rematch with Brazil, the victory should cancel out the loss? Maybe, but that’s not how it generally works, writes Pro Soccer Talk’s Nicholas Mendola, who describes FIFA’s rankings as “a riot.” Ha.

The Brasilia final between the United States and Brazil is set to take place on Sunday.