A 10-foot statue of the great Cristiano Ronaldo was unveiled Sunday in Madeira, Portugal, where the soccer player grew up, and, well, it’s generating a lot of buzz.

For one thing, the statue is part of his personal CR7 museum, which houses things such as his Ballon D’Or awards. And, besides, it’s an impressive achievement to see one’s sculpted likeness.

“This is a very special moment,” Ronaldo noted, “to have a statue of me.”

Still, Internet enthusiasts cast a critical Art Appreciation 101 eye on the statue and couldn’t get past the incredibly form-fitting shorts in which the Real Madrid star is clad. Eventually, they determined that it doesn’t really resemble Ronaldo and that … did we mention the incredibly form-fitting shorts?

On a more serious note, Sunday was an important day for Ronaldo, who also received the “Cordão Autonómico de Distinção” award, the highest distinction of Madeira.