(Sarah L. Voisin / TWP / 2008 file photo)

Happy Festivus. We’ve got a lot of problems with you people and things in sports in general and we’re gonna air ’em but good, right here, right now.

Gregg Popovich. Dammit, the San Antonio Spurs have won five rings under this guy and NOW everybody says, “Oh, he’s a greaaaat coach” like they’ve just found conclusive proof that Big Foot exists. This could be the egg nog talking, but Pop could probably make the Knicks into a winner.

The continued opposition to legalized sports gambling has to end. Granted, no one in the Blog Pod is a lawyer, but a federal law limiting sports gambling to only four states seems somewhat unconstitutional. Just imagine the outcry if you could only buy beer in Nevada, Oregon, Delaware and Montana. Pro sports leagues’ opposition to any challenge to the federal law relies upon highly dubious logic, because regulation of sports gambling would only make game-fixing more difficult, not easier. Let’s cut poor old Atlantic City a break and just legalize it.

The childlike ability of fans to completely erase a horrendous season after a big yet meaningless victory over a rival.

How often does a person get a chance to say this: the German guy was robbed. Lionel Messi got the Golden Ball at World Cup. (This is probably a Messi Festivus grievance, too.)

Stepping out of the batter’s box by major leaguers.

Sunday football commentators who persistently, repeatedly refer to the NFL as “The National Football League.” Every. Single. Time.

People who don’t mention Russell Wilson when they talk about the MVP of the “National Football League.” At least mention him. How are people only now coming around to recognizing the role Wilson is playing in the Seattle Seahawks’ November-December rise?

NBC choosing not to allow Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski to do figure-skating commentary in prime time. (I sense that this making the list is your grievance. Figure skating. I know.) “You can’t cage the unicorn that is Johnny Weir,” a Blog Pod member said and we all nodded.

Selling expired, skanky beer at sports stadiums for regular price. At least discount the swill.

Nick Saban’s hair.

In an unnecessary effort to create interest in the first year of its long overdue playoff, college football pooh-bahs introduced the weekly release of rankings, thereby perpetuating one of the biggest problems with the old system. If the selection committee is meant to judge teams on their season-long bodies of work, why release opinions with just 60 percent of that data in? Are juries asked for their opinions after opening arguments? Perhaps after a century of having sports’ most nonsensical postseason, college football honchos wanted to remind us every week that they are finally closer to getting it right — and in doing so got it wrong.

Players and coaches from three-win teams who say “we’re just a couple of plays away from 10 wins.”

First, Qatar doesn’t pay migrant workers, then FIFA says it’s not their problem and then migrant workers, it turns out, were paid — to be fake fans.

FIFA. Just FIFA. Always and forever FIFA.

Inconsistent NFL officiating.

Chris Berman.

This list is a compendium of grievances by Blog Pod members Matt Bonesteel, Neil Greenberg, Mike Hume, Missy Khamvongsa, Marissa Payne, Matt Rennie and Cindy Boren. Feel free to tell us yours below. For each comment, a donation in your honor will be made to The Human Fund.