That’s Tony Romo. (Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

For the eighth straight year, Kathy Griffin joined  Anderson Cooper for CNN’s ball-drop countdown show, “New Year’s Eve Live.” And for the eighth straight year, the professionally wacky Griffin did her best to elicit some uncomfortable moments from her co-star.

In Wednesday’s installment, Griffin stumbled across a novel way to put the “Anderson Cooper 360” host on the spot: Expose his lack of sports knowledge. Griffin realized she was onto something that everyone but Cooper would find enjoyable when he made a remarkable admission — he had no idea who Tony Romo was.

Even if you’re not a major sports fan, quarterback for the Cowboys is a pretty high-profile job in America, and Romo’s been at it for nine years. Plus, he was in a gossip-tastic relationship with Jessica Simpson, albeit one that ended five years ago.

In fact, it was the Simpson connection that kicked off the sports-knowledge segment. Griffin made a passing reference to Simpson’s line of shoes, then, when Cooper expressed surprise at Simpson’s entrepreneurial success, Griffin asked, “You don’t know that she has more money than Tony Romo?”

That prompted Cooper to ask the question of the night. Here is their exchange:

Cooper: “Who’s Tony Romo?”

Griffin: “Oh boy … this is gonna be good.”

Cooper: “Tony Romo, like the rib restaurant?”

Ah, live television. Cooper was wearing an earpiece, but there’s no way the producers of the telecast were going to get in the way of such comedy gold. What they did was quickly rig up a sports quiz, in which Cooper revealed the following:

  • He knew who LeBron James was, and that James just left the Heat to re-join the Cavaliers.
  • He did not know James’s jersey number (that’s kind of a tough one, I think, for the average person) or his nickname (not so tough), although Cooper made a totally lucky guess with a halfhearted, “The King?”
  • He’s apparently a pretty good guesser, as he also got the number of games in an NFL season correct, even though it was clear he had no real clue.
  • He did not know where February’s Super Bowl will be held (that seems like another tough one, though).

Here is video of the segment. Warning, you have to sit through an ad, and then a lot of Kathy Griffin: