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Jim Rome tweets his take on marching bands, then tweets apology for his take on marching bands

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Hey, guys! I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this Thursday night tweet from Jim Rome, who had some thoughts about Being Cool:

Thanks to those on the Internet who took a screenshot of this, because Rome deleted the tweet on Friday. Anyway. Sorry, marching bands! Turns out you are a bunch of dorks. Welcome to the club.

For what it’s worth, Rome — the host of “The Jim Rome Show,” broadcast nationally by CBS Sports Radio — later apologized, tweeting that he was “out of line” and that he “does not condone bullying of any kind.”

That came as band kids were also weighing in on Twitter, many using the hashtag #MarchOnRome:

Well? I guess we’re all friends again now, though? Because he said he was sorry? Truce (maybe)? Very cool.

In that case, I’ll just leave this rad video of the Beyonce tribute from the Florida State marching band here, and we can all dance along at our desks. Even you, Jim Rome.

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