(Atlanta Hawks via Twitter)

The Hawks’ home date Wednesday with the Grizzlies wasn’t just any NBA game, it was “Swipe Right Night”! That’s right, the team encouraged fans in attendance to use Tinder, the popular dating app, to hook up with meet each other, temporarily turning the Philips Arena into Atlanta’s biggest singles scene.

“Hawks games have always been a great place to meet fun and vibrant people and we think ‘Swipe Right Night’ will take that to a whole new level,” said Hawks CEO Steve Koonin on

. “We were pioneers of the in-game ‘Kiss Cam’ and are hopeful that we can assist in making some more love connections at our games.”

For those not familiar with Tinder, it’s a location-based mobile app that lets users see photos of other users near them. If they like what they see (and possibly read in a brief bio) in a particular person, they can swipe right. If the other person also swipes right, then the app gives the two a virtual space in which to get to know each other better.

Atlanta went a step further by providing physical spaces around the arena in which Tinder users could meet up. In addition, the team promised to have some of Jezebel magazine’s “Atlanta’s Most Eligible” single people on hand.

Team mascot Harry the Hawk was ready …

http://instagram.com/p/xkSB-YHVmO …

As were event employees:

During the game, the team’s Twitter account began rating plays on a “Swipe Left” or “Swipe Right” basis.

Meanwhile, fans were doing what Tinder users are supposed to do.