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Lionel Messi scores an unlikely fan in Cristiano Ronaldo’s 4-year-old son

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, stands with his son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, after winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014 on Monday. (Arnd Wiegmann/REUTERS)
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There is a longstanding rivalry between Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi on the pitch, but off of it, well, the two might be the best of friends. That could be because they have a peacemaker in the form of Ronaldo’s 4-year-old son Cristiano Ronaldo, Jr. It turns out he’s a big fan of his dad’s rival, as this interaction backstage during Monday’s FIFA Ballon d’Or Awards shows.

Looking past the frightfulness that is Messi’s satin eggplant suit, this video, which went viral on Wednesday, shows one of the most adorable, good-faith interactions in all of sports.

Little Ronaldo approaches Messi, who pats his head and asks, “What’s up? How you doing? Are you good?”

Big Ronaldo then says to Messi, “He’s always watching Internet videos of us and speaking about you.”

He then tells his son not to be shy and everyone laughs.

Of course, the laughter may have later been cut short when Messi lost the Ballon d’Or trophy to Ronaldo for the second year in a row.