Kudos to the CSN Bay Area reporter who had to interview a somewhat surly Jim Tomsula on Friday. The new head coach of the San Francisco 49ers just wasn’t having any of it.

Tomsula sighed, mumbled, and mostly failed to answer any of the reporter’s questions, which could hardly be described as provocative. It was downright bizarre, actually, why Tomsula acted so put-off. Maybe he’s just tired. Whatever the reason, this is not what Jim Harbaugh, formerly of San Francisco and now of Michigan, would do.

Speaking of, how Tomsula got along with Harbaugh was about the only question he decided to answer. And how was it?

“Fi…fi… great!”

It’s like you can see his left brain, which was trying to squeeze out the word “fine, battling his right brain. “NO, TOMSULA, GREAT! SAY IT WAS GREAT!”

If that sounds like a struggle, then we shouldn’t have skipped the early part of the interview, which began when the CSN reporter asked who Tomsula might have in mind for offensive and defensive coordinator.

Tomsula harumphed his way around a few suggestions before declaring he would not “play the name game.”

He will play the “how many different ways can you not answer a question” game, though because when the reporter then tried to get him to talk about what style of offensive or defensive coaching he would look at Tomsula said, “A style that fits our players.”

Glad we cleared that one up!

Sensing a small opening, perhaps, the reporter then valiantly tries to push a little harder on the defensive coordinator topic, suggesting there’s an opportunity to nab a proven and experienced candidate for the job.

“That’s fair to say.”

But lest you think he was finally getting somewhere, Tomsula suplexed the interview back down to the ground.

“So, you’d probably look more in that direction then?” the reporter asks.

“I wouldn’t not say that. I wouldn’t say it either,” Tomsula answered. Or maybe he just told a riddle. It’s hard to tell.

(H/t: Deadspin)