You may hate the Patriots, but it’s pretty hard not to love tight end Rob Gronkowski. (EPA/Cj Gunther)

When you’re Rob Gronkowski, you start your day by suggesting that Fox reporter Charissa Thompson get to know you better (wink, wink), then you end it by dancing with someone’s mom in the middle of Gillette Stadium’s field. Oh, and in between, you catch a touchdown pass and help your team reach the Super Bowl.

But let’s get back to the irrepressible tight end’s post-game dancing with a woman who was likely a teammate’s mother. At least, that’s what someone on the CBS telecast could be heard wondering about:

In this case, it looked like Gronk was just doing his thing, and the woman jumped in.

But hey, to Gronk, life’s just a party and we’re all invited, right? (Am I invited? Please invite me, Gronk!)

Apparently, many Internet observers were convinced that the woman in question was the mother of Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis.

If so, you go, Diana Gilbert! For what it’s worth, Gilbert was an accomplished sprinter in her youth and is the older sister of longtime NFL defensive lineman Sean Gilbert. And now she’s getting some Internet fame for hopping off of Revis Island and into the orbit of Gronk’s Party Planet.

Oh, and, of course, it was totally incorrect to say that Gronkowski ended anything with the on-field dancing. Is there any doubt that his night was just getting started? After all, there were so many other moms in Boston with whom to party.