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Carl’s Jr. to air what might be the raciest Super Bowl ad ever, but on the West Coast only

(E.J. Flynn/AP)
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Until now, Carl’s Jr. ads have all had two things in common — bikini-clad women and hamburgers. But the ad the fast-food burger chain has slated to air on the West Coast during the Super Bowl veers slightly away from that stale formula: The woman and burger are still there; it’s the bikini that seemingly isn’t.

Oh, you sneaky Carl’s Jr., the bikini is there after all! The taste-level, on the other hand, mostly isn’t. But hey, this is the same greasy business that once hired Paris Hilton as a spokesperson, so compared to that, this ad’s about as classy as sharing tea with the Dowager Countess of Grantham at Downton Abbey.

Only West Coast viewers will get an eyeful of 21-year-old model Charlotte McKinney stripped down for the regional chain on Super Bowl Sunday, however. Viewers in other regions of the United States hoping to see scantily clad women will have to settle for the underpaid cheerleaders, as more companies have come to realize sex doesn’t actually sell during the game, which features an audience composed of 46 percent women.

GoDaddy, which made itself famous through its provocative ads, will reportedly still feature NASCAR driver Danica Patrick in its spot, but also puppies. Even Victoria’s Secret has stripped the sex out of its planned Super Bowl ad this year. Instead of bras and panties, the company’s models, known as “Angels,” will suit up in full football pads. Viewers will have to rely on their imaginations to guess what’s under them — or more on target for the company, their wallets, as the company’s betting the spot will persuade viewers to purchase the undergarments to see for themselves.