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Bill Nye says Bill Belichick made no sense on DeflateGate explanation

Bill Belichick called a surprise news conference Saturday to assert the Patriots’ innocence in the DeflateGate matter. (Elise Amendola / AP)

Bill Nye “the Science Guy” listened to Bill Belichick the football guy give a science-y explanation for how the New England Patriots’ footballs became deflated last week and “what he said didn’t make any sense.”

This is probably the first in a procession of scientists who will bring a whole new level of scrutiny to the subject as Super Bowl XLIX week begins, but Nye, a mechanical engineer who made a name for himself on TV, said he believes that scientific explanations for how the balls lost their loft hold no water. “I’m not too worried about Coach Belichick competing with me,” Nye said. “What he said didn’t make any sense.”

Instead, Nye told “Good Morning America” that he thinks they could have become deflated only by deliberate, manual means. That’s the opposite argument Belichick made in a press conference Saturday, when he said that no one had tampered with the balls, deflating them below the NFL’s 12.5 pounds per square inch threshold.

To change the pressure in a ball, Nye said, “you need one of these” and held up gauge with a needle.

Nye didn’t offer a lot in the way of specifics and, of course, as you weigh his opinion, note that Nye, who formerly worked for Boeing in Seattle, closed with “Go Seahawks.”

Among others, the folks at HeadSmart Labs subjected footballs to testing and came up with a different conclusion than Nye.