Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes made arguably the play of the game in Monday’s Pro Bowl, acrobatically grabbing the ball away from T.Y. Hilton while face-guarding the Colts receiver in the end zone. However, that wasn’t enough to snare defensive player of the game honors, which went to Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, who had his own interception, plus a forced fumble.

This turn of events, along with other perceived snubs, did not sit well with Miko Grimes, the wife of the Miami player. On a flight back from Phoenix, where the game was held, Grimes expressed her frustrations in what proved to be a lengthy and wide-ranging — not to mention profane — rant against her husband’s employer.

Grimes, clearly in a mood to vent, signaled her intentions right off the bat:

Then Grimes proceeded to detail how she felt her husband was unfairly punished for missing a Pro Bowl practice, which he did for a reason very personal to her. (Note: Tweets with overt profanity are quoted below so that the offending words can be taken out. And, no, I don’t personally have a problem with profanity, but this isn’t my personal blog.)

Tweet: “session worthy of [expletive] on him @nfl? Havent u guys [expletive] on him enough? Him missing practice made u guys take the MVP from him?”
Tweet: “The nfl is the [expletive], SHADIEST, DISRESPECTFUL professional sport in the WORLD!!! & as long as i breathe air, i will talk [expletive] about em!”
Tweet: “Why the hell cant u guys cut him a [expletive] BREAK? @nfl do u see how hard he plays? Do u see the dedication? The toughness? U [expletives] blind?”
Tweet: “There is NO REASON ALL ALL why Brent Grimes shouldnt have been MVP of the defense!!! NONE!!!! Do u hear me??????”

It could have ended there, except that Grimes had a lot more issues with the league apart from what had just occurred. She began accusing the NFL of hypocrisy for its positions on domestic violence.

Tweet: “U have these [expletives] NOMORE campaigns going on about domestic violence and sexual assault when we all know u dont GAF about women!”
Tweet: “I have friends that were beaten, thrown down stairs WHILE PREGNANT, guys arrested, & @nfl suspended them 1 [expletive] GAME! Now yall care? FOH”
Tweet: “GET THE [expletive] OUTTA HERE @NFL!!!!! Im not being quiet about this [expletive] NOMORE!!”
Tweet: “The @nfl only gives a [expletive] about themselves! They dont care about these players and their families. Dont let these [expletives] fool u!”

Grimes then turned her attention to the NFL’s hypocrisy on player-safety issues.

Tweet: “But dont believe for a SECOND they care about these players injuries. Its all [expletive]!! They care about MONEY!!! Thats why i tell every”
Tweet: “player i talk to GET YO BREAD DOG!!! [expletive] all that other [expletive]!!! Get paid!!! There is NO LOYALTY in this business outside of fans.”
Tweet: “If the @nfl cares about players, why are there TNF games? Have u guys ever thought about that [expletive]?”

The next tweet alone was worth the price of admission.

Grimes continued.

Tweet: “Do u know most injuries early in the season are bcuz training camp is TOO [expletive] MUCH ON THE BODY, U IDIOTS? @nfl But yall care huh? GTFOH!”

Then it was on to financial matters.

Tweet: “Greedy sons a [expletives]!! @nfl”
Tweet: “See how @nfl set that [expletive] up? But if u wanna leave after ur deal is up, they can tag u, TWICE!!! To make u stay! That [expletive] is comedy!”
Tweet: “Then if u hold out, they fine u $30k a day n [expletive]!!!’ [expletive] ridiculous!”
Tweet: “Keep [expletive] my husband over and im gonna put a map out to the world and expose this league for what it truly is! @nfl #TryIt[Expletive]”

And with that, the rant was over.

Well, not really. Grimes at that point was receiving plenty of feedback, and posted a number of re-tweets, including by some who disagreed with her (often getting an expletive in return).

Later, Grimes began posting a manifesto, of sorts.

Tweet: “I tweet for BRENT GRIMES, who got off social media, bcuz he allowed a catch in a big game, & his own fan base [expletive] on him for 72hrs straight”

Certainly, no one can accuse Miko Grimes of not standing by her man. What the NFL makes of her accusations remains to be seen.