It’s been just one year since the Seattle Seahawks took the stage at Super Bowl Media Day and, oh, what a year it’s been. Beast Mode running back Marshawn Lynch started things off in the most Marshawn Lynchian fashion ever, answering every single media question a solid, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.

Lynch made it the full four minutes and 51 seconds that he was required to be there before leaving, which is a lot better than last year when he up and walked out. While he maintained his line the whole way through, he apparently did make one exception for ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

Aww, sweet.

Richard Sherman was on, too. A noted Media Day lover, the Stanford University communications major, was way more verbose, although careful about what type of headphones he put on. When someone handed him some Beats by Dre headphones to sport to watch a video on an iPad, he said no. He doesn’t want to get fined again!

On the bright side, some artistic fan made him this nice caricature.

Good for him. Underneath the fluff, however, Sherman said some stuff of substance. He reiterated his thoughts about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

A little later, Pete Carroll further embedded himself into the hearts of Seahawks fans by saying nice things about the famous “12th man.”

Carroll also called Sherman the best dancer on the team. Coincidentally, the Sherman demonstrated those skills during Media Day.

Kam Chancellor was brave enough to field a question about why Lynch is so Lynch-y to the media lately. Chancellor blamed “people” (which likely means the media) for twisting Lynch’s words as a reason why Beast Mode now refuses to say much at all.

Oh, look at that! The Seahawks broke out the selfie stick!

Russell Wilson was asked how to explain Media Day: “It’s something special,” he said, but the real highlight was his speaking to a fan about his playoff beard. “I’m not a superstitious person,” he said. (But he still has a playoff beard.) “I believe in good habits.”

K.J. Wright revealed he received 15 tickets to give away. Family first.

Michael Bennett wore a funny hat because he’s from Texas! “I feel like Wyatt Earp right now.”

And then he dropped a whole slew of jokes, one of the most eyebrow-raising about his own beard: “I really want to look like the richest homeless person you’ve ever seen.”