The last time New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was front and center at Super Bowl Media Day, about the most probing question he faced was “will you marry me?”

It was a weird moment typical of Media Day, the greatest and weirdest day on the sports calendar. It’s the day when thousands of media members and pseudo media members/possible space aliens elbow one another to ask inane questions of the big game’s participants and coaches. (Hey, nobody is zoning out on Bill Belichick today.) Brady and the Patriots might long for the sweet, sweet days of random matrimonial inquiries but there’s not a chance of that, with DeflateGate raging. Already there’s breaking news on Brady: he was the last player on the floor of the U.S. Airways Center.

When Tara met Gronk.

Bill Belichick is wearing flip flops because, Bill Belichick.

Yes, Gronk read from “A Gronking to Remember.”

NBC’s Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are there, and they look fierce.

Perhaps most importantly, Rob Gronkowski is there. The irrepressible Gronk. He might be the only salvation for an event at which a guy is wearing a cowboy hat and a barrel.

And Pick Boy shows no signs of slowing down.

J.B. Smoove is among the celebrities in the house.