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You can bet on anything during the Super Bowl. Anything. Here, take a look:

(Translation for the uninitiated: Mason, who’s the brand manager of the sportsbook at BetOnline.ag, is saying that professional gamblers — “sharps” — really, really think Perry is going to show some cleavage during Sunday’s halftime show and are putting down some big money on it. Thus, the odds are shifting in hopes that people start betting on the opposite: That Perry will come out in a nun’s habit or a judicial robe or whatever and keep it on the entire time. When the odds are listed at -500, that means you have to bet $500 to win $100; in other words, it’s the expected outcome and you have to bet a lot of money to win anything. Alternately, if the odds are listed at +250, that means it’s the less-expected outcome — the underdog, so to speak — and you only have to bet $100 to win $250.)

Wagering on Perry’s decolletage is just one of the many wagers — prop bets — you can make on the Super Bowl that have nothing to do with the final score. William Hill, the company that runs a number of sportsbooks in Las Vegas — the only area of the country where such bets legally can be made — lists 690 of these bets, according to the Associated Press. Last year, when the Seattle Seahawks pummeled the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, such wagers helped Nevada’s legal sports books make $20 million after gamblers bet a total of $119.4 million on the game, the AP reports. (It helped Vegas that the underdog Seahawks won the game, considering the Broncos received a majority of the action.)

There are two types of prop bets: Those dealing with action on the field, which are the only prop bets that Vegas sportsbooks are legally allowed to offer, and those that take action on everything else involved with the game, like the one on Perry’s cleavage. These are only offered by online sportsbooks that are operated in other countries. (NOTE: Online gambling is illegal in the United States —  wink wink — so any gambling on these bets is for recreational purposes only.)

So with all this throat-clearing out of the way, here are some of the more interesting prop bets being offered for this year’s Super Bowl (as recorded on Thursday morning). For some good lists of prop bets, check out Oddshark or Bovada.


Will there be a safety in the game? (Oddshark)

Yes: 11/2 (+550)

No: 1/9 (-900)

This is expected to be a popular bet in Vegas, considering that there has been a safety in each of the last two Super Bowls.

Who will throw the first touchdown pass in the game? (Oddshark)

Tom Brady: 20/33 (-165)

Russell Wilson: 27/20 (+135)

Who wins the coin toss? (Oddshark)

Patriots: 20/21 (-105)

Seahawks: 20/21 (-105)

Marshawn Lynch total rushing yards (Bovada)

Over 92.5: -135

Under 92.5: +105

Will Marshawn Lynch grab his crotch after scoring a touchdown in the game? (Oddshark)

Yes: 4/1 (+400)

No: 1/6 (-600)


What will be higher on Feb. 1? (Bovada)

Goals scored in Arsenal-Aston Villa English Premier League Match: -1/2 (-130)

Tom Brady touchdown passes: +1/2 (even)

What will be higher on Feb. 1? (Bovada)

Shots on goal for the Capitals’ Alex Ovechkin against the Blues: -115

Doug Baldwin receptions: -115

What will be higher? (Bovada)

Tiger Woods Day 1 score at the Masters: +120

Julian Edelman receiving yards: -150


How many times will the announcers mention any form of the word deflate between the singing of the national anthem and end of the game? (Sportsbook Review, via Awful Announcing)

0: +1500
1: +1000
2: +400
3: +250
4: or more -150

Which song will Katy Perry begin her set? (Sportsbook Review, via Awful Announcing)

I Kissed a Girl: -120
Roar: +200
California Gurls: +300
Dark Horse: +500
Firework: +800
None of these: +150

Will Tom Brady be caught swearing on camera? (Sportsbook Review, via Awful Announcing)

No: -800
Yes: +600

Will Patriots head coach Bill Belichick be caught smiling on camera during the game? (Sportsbook Review, via Awful Announcing)

No: -400
Yes: +275