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WWE superstar Mick Foley ejected from wing-eating contest after using fanny pack to cheat

Mick Foley, seen here in 2003. (Kevin Kane/WireImage)
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WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley put his reputation as a super-nice guy (not unlike Santa Claus) at risk on Friday when he was ejected from a chicken wing-eating contest after being caught cheating. According to the Associated Press, the 49-year-old pro wrestler stuffed extra wings into a fanny pack at Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl on Friday to make it seem like he was consuming more than he actually did.

Despite his antics in Friday’s contest, Foley, who made “Have a nice day!” his catchphrase on WWE, is likely having just that. See, Foley doesn’t really have that much of a reason to feel bad. The Attitude Era superstar gave fair warning on Thursday of what his strategy would be in the Wing Bowl.

“I will follow the wrestler’s creed: win if I can, lose if I must, but always cheat,” he tweeted.

Now, caught red, er, sauce-handed, Foley isn’t trying to hide his guilt. He wrote on Twitter Friday, ‘Guilty as charged. Legacy shattered. Life in shambles.” The sarcasm is as evident as Foley’s wing-stuffed fanny pack.

Speaking of stuffed, Patrick Bertoletti of Chicago took home the top prize in an honest victory. He ate a record 444 wings in 26 minutes, the AP writes, just beating 2014 champion Molly Schuyler of Nebraska, who shoved down 440.