Crazy things happen in Fargo. That sentence is usually reserved for those talking about the movie or television series of that name, but after Friday night, one can honestly say the same about the sleepy North Dakota town called Fargo, too. A Zamboni operator was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence during a high school girls’ hockey game.

Police arrived to Fargo South Sports Arena around 8 p.m. after a spectator who came to watch Davies High School play Williston High School noticed the Zamboni was weaving around the ice in an “erratic” manner, Fargo’s KFGO radio reports. The spectator alerted arena staff, who made the call to the Fargo Police Department. Zamboni driver Steven Anderson was subsequently arrested during the game, which later continued on rough, un-Zambonied ice. Arena staff attempted to call another Zamboni operator, but the teams’ coaches did not want to delay the game any longer, reports.

“I’ve been here for 22 years … and we have not had an incident like this before,” Jim Larson, the director of finance and human resources for the Fargo Park District, which operates the arena, told Inforum. “I don’t want to in any way dismiss how serious this is … We’ll review the situation to determine how this happened and what we can do to make it even more fool proof.”

As for Anderson, a part-time employee of the Fargo Park District, he found himself being booked into Cass County Jail on Friday. Larson said he would address Anderson’s employment status on Monday.

(H/t: Deadspin)