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Congrats to the Nationwide commercial for being the Debbie Downer of the Super Bowl

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Insurance giant Nationwide has hit high notes in the past when it comes to its advertisements. Whether it’s Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning serenading his chicken parmesan with the familiar “Nationwide is on your side” jingle’s tune, or Mindy Kaling getting goofy with Matt Damon, most people either love the ads or at least tolerated them. But then came Sunday’s Super Bowl ad, which aired during the second quarter of the game.

Nationwide alluded to a child’s death in a scary commercial warning parents of the dangers of household accidents. It did not go over well, although #MakeSafeHappen did trend on Twitter, just probably not for the reasons the company wanted.

As the Internet likes to do, however, it ended up turning everyone’s frown upside down with some pretty stellar jokes about the entirely unfunny ad.

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