Super Bowl XLIX will have an MVP, but it unfortunately won’t be Katy Perry, who put on one heck of a halftime show on Sunday. The program, which covered a montage of not just her hits but also of one of he “surprise” guests, blew people away. For instance, have you ever seen a woman not named Katniss Everdeen dress as fire and ride into a stadium on a robot tiger? No? Well, now you have thanks to Perry.

The 30-year-old singer changed tableaus after dancing around with Lenny Kravitz for a bit and reemerged to the stage dressed like a beach ball amid a background that looked like a psychedelic children’s cartoon.

Or a scene from “The Simpsons.”

The best part of the show — at least for those who are fans of late ’90s and early ’00s hip hop — was when Perry was joined by Missy Elliott, who belted out a few of her greatest hits, as well.

Perry made her third of what would eventually be four costume changes, as well, when she donned what looked like one of Elliott’s old jackets from the ’90s. Elliott looked awesome too, and more than a few viewers seemed to agree this was the highlight.

That wasn’t even the finale, though. That, as viewers will not be able to forget, involved Perry literally flying across the stadium.

“God Bless America!” the singer concluded, while the perimeter of the University of Phoenix Stadium lit up with exploding fireworks, an homage to the name of her final song.

As cool as that last bit was, though, it somehow looked familiar…

Oh yeah, that’s it.

P.S.: Here’s what it looks like animated in 8-bit graphics, courtesy of The Washington Post’s own graphics department. It seems up Perry’s alley.