Julian Edelman gets rocked by Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas. (Bryan Snyder / Reuters)

Julian Edelman passed a concussion test after a big helmet-to-helmet hit by Kam Chancellor during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIX.

The New England Patriots wide receiver was hit hard, but the Associated Press reported that he was cleared to return to the field. Good thing, too. Edelman went on to catch the game-winning 3-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady. Edelman, an unnamed source told the AP, was checked by medical personnel and an independent neurologist. Edelman did not leave the game after the hit and caught another pass that set up Brady’s 5-yard TD pass to Danny Amendola.

It was an especially violent hit, one that Fox Sports’ Mike Pereira felt called for a flag. Chancellor most likely will be fined for it.

Coach Bill Belichick said Monday that he was unaware whether Edelman had been tested for a concussion.

“I’m a coach and I had a deal with our trainers and doctors,” Belichick said. “They’re the medical experts and they don’t call plays, and I’m the coach and I don’t get involved in the medical part. When they clear players to play, then if we want to play them, we play them. The plays we call, I don’t have to get approval from them. It’s a good setup.”

Edelman wouldn’t say whether he had been tested, saying that he wasn’t allowed to speak about injuries. He referred to Seattle as “St. Louis” once during the flurry of postgame interviews and explained that “I’m exhausted and I’m sore.”

His efforts helped the Patriots win their fourth Lombardi Trophy and, along with Malcolm Butler, he’ll head to DisneyWorld.