If ever a situation called for a big, strong running back to bull his way into the end zone from the 1, it was the one the Seattle Seahawks found themselves in as the clock wound down in Super Bowl XLIX.

And the Seahawks have just that guy in Marshawn Lynch.

But, rather than give the ball to Beast Mode and let him do his thing, Coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell inexplicably chose to have Russell Wilson throw the ball over the middle toward Ricardo Lockette running a slant pattern. It was a classic case of overthink, with Patriots defensive back Malcolm Butler stepping in for the interception that all but sealed the Patriots’ fourth Super Bowl win. Afterward, Carroll spoke at length and at high speed of what he and Bevell were thinking, but Lynch, as usual, wasn’t very loquacious. He spoke very briefly to ESPN’s Jim Trotter, saying he wasn’t surprised he didn’t get the ball. “Because we play football. It’s a team sport.”

If ESPN’s report that he and other Seahawks were angry at the play-calling is accurate, he wasn’t saying. Lynch left quickly after a 24-carry, 102-yard performance. Lynch, who spent the week saying nothing in media sessions that went viral, left University of Phoenix Stadium without a shower, USA Today’s Martin Rogers reports.

He left the locker room without a word, to be greeted along a corridor by a small group of friends and family. They commiserated with him, but Lynch chose to mask the pain with laughter. As the group sauntered towards the exit, every question or comment was met with a backwards tilt of his head and a loud cackle.
He shoved one camera lens out of his face, then another. His crew served as a buffer between him and the small group that followed. A friend whispered in his ear and he paused, shooting a pretend free-throw. He shook hands with a security guard. Another camera approached, and he yelled a single unintelligible word at it, then giggled.
Maybe Lynch got the last laugh after all. No one expected any member of the losing team to leave so quickly, and his rapid departure caught most of the media flat-footed. At the exact same time, Richard Sherman was still in his full football gear, slumped on a chair in front of his locker, unable or unwilling to move a muscle.

Naturally, the internet frolicked a bit at Lynch’s expense.