Rob Gronkowski celebrated a Super Bowl win, then he celebrated some more. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Say one thing for Rob Gronkowski: When he makes a promise, he keeps it. Especially when that promise involves partying, lots of partying.

The irrepressible Patriots tight end was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday, and was asked if, having partied into the wee hours following his team’s Super Bowl win on Sunday, he was planning on going to bed early. Gronkowski replied that, since the Patriots victory celebration in Boston had been moved to Wednesday, he would again be “up all night.”

Here is that exchange:

And here’s Gronk, just a few hours later:

I believe that Gronkowski was, in fact, voted in high school as Most Likely to Rip His Suit Pants While Partying All Night. Of course, the folks at TMZ are likely to have video of anyone coming out of a Hollywood nightclub, and a 6-foot-6 Super Bowl-winning folk hero is especially hard to miss.

Here is how that looked:

Yup, that’s our guy, right in front of his party bus, spiking a bouquet of roses. Because when you’re Gronk, things that wind up in your hands tend to get spiked.

But even a party-manimal like Gronk has to get some rest at some point. And so it was that on Tuesday, the Patriot took an opportunity to sack out while waiting for a flight to Boston.

Actually, it seemed that he had more time than he would have liked to catch some Z’s, at least according to an agent who despaired over Twitter whether his client would ever be able to get to his ultimate destination.

But apparently, that problem was resolved, which, once again, proves that if you have any kind of problem, it’s important to complain about it over social media.