Presenters Julian Edelman, left, and Malcolm Butler of the Patriots pose in the press room during the 57th annual Grammy Awards. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

To the victor belong the spoils, and so it was that a pair of Patriots — and not, you know, a pair of Seahawks — got to help announce a major award at Sunday’s Grammys. Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler joined Josh Duhamel onstage to hand out the Best Rock Album award, which went to Beck, whose “Morning Phase” describes something Edelman probably hasn’t experienced in at least a week.

The wide receiver did look fairly well-scrubbed for the event, with his previously bushy beard trimmed down to a suave stubble, but he got to crack a joke about the looks of another, very famous, teammate. “Thanks for standing in for Tom Brady – you look enough like him,” Edelman told Duhamel.

Butler, the backup cornerback who became a surprise Super Bowl hero, is still getting used to being in the spotlight, and it showed in an awkward moment onstage.

Then, Butler appeared to need a nudge from Edelman to “intercept” the envelope from Duhamel, leading to another wisecrack from the wide receiver.

Edelman and Butler began their week as New England’s representatives for the annual post-Super Bowl Disneyland appearance. But I’m going to guess that they both got a little bit more of a kick out of Sunday’s gig.