Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner celebrates winning Super Bowl XLIX. (David Goldman/Associated Press)

At first, it seemed like Kanye West was joking around when he got onstage Sunday night in protest of the fact that Beck was receiving the Grammy award for Best Album and not Beyoncé, a perhaps funny reference to his stunt at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, when West took the microphone from Taylor Swift and declared that Beyoncé should have won an award instead.

But once West made it clear that he really did disapprove of Beck winning the award, a backlash against the superstar rapper/producer began to mount. On Tuesday, Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner became the latest to call West out, posting several tweets that left no uncertainty about how the Super Bowl winner felt.

Well, Swift was 19 at the time, but that’s still a pretty young age to have to deal with West’s grandstanding. In any event, Browner continued:

That last line by Browner is a reference to West’s debut single, “Through the Wire,” which the artist recorded while his jaw was wired shut following a car accident. In other words, if the Patriot was Beck, he would have inflicted another broken jaw on West.

However, after that Twitter flurry, Browner apparently reflected on the situation and decided that he could agree with West on at least one thing: