(Rick Kern / Getty Images for Comedy Central)

One of the many reasons to miss Jon Stewart when he exits “The Daily Show” is the idea that, whenever something significant or somehow important for trivial reasons happens in the sports world, you know he’ll have a funny smart take on it.

Like when he took on Roger Goodell. Or Lance Armstrong. Just watch a few of the very best from Stewart over the years and you’ll see.

The “League of Esculpatory Gentlemen” may have been the best.

With Adrian Peterson AND Ray Rice, you had “your own in-house Special Victims Unit.”

Stewart pointed out that Michael Sam, football’s first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL would be welcomed like anybody, “provided you’re really good at football.”

And then there was the matter of the Washington Redskins’ nickname …

Or the New England Patriots’ Deflategate problem.

Stewart addressed reaction to the St. Louis Rams’ Hands Up protest over the shooting of Michael Ferguson.

And then there was the whole Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State.

And the Duke lacrosse story.

Roger Clemens “throws right, swears in right.”

And, finally, there was Lance Armstrong, aka Mr. Fibb.