The polls are still open, of course, but the early favorite to win Best in Show at the Westminster Dog Show has some serious ties to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Matisse, a Portuguese water dog, is a cousin of Sunny, the younger dog who inhabits 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the pet of President Obama and his family. Matisse and Sunny share a grandfather (Carlo, if you’re curious) but have different parents, which, one of Matisse’s owners explained to the New York Daily News makes them first cousins. Matisse — full name Claircreek Impresion de Matisse, born in Canada — is a 4-1 favorite to take home top honors when the show concludes Tuesday night.

“He’s a full backer of the President,” Lint said, “but he is Canadian, so he can’t vote. Also he’s a dog, so he can’t vote.”

Well, yes. This is likely to be Matisse’s last big competition. As Sunny’s owner knows, it isn’t easy to get to the top in your profession, whether it’s a pooch pageant or presidential politics. And maybe the two are more closely related than anyone would like to think.

“He’s had to be quite the politician already to get where he is today.”

Here’s a look at Sunny, who was adopted by the First Family in August 2013.

The Westminster Dog Show, which ends Tuesday night, will be shown on the USA Network beginning at 8 p.m. EST.