UPDATE, March 3: Several hours after this article was first published last week, Curt Schilling began receiving responses to his tweet about his daughter that were vile and disturbing in nature. The later tweets suggests suggested violence toward Schilling’s daughter and are wholly unlike the ones presented below. With that in mind, you might want to skip this article, which only covers the dopier beginnings of what turned out to be a very ugly experience, and read these more up-to-date articles instead:

Original article

Former pitcher Curt Schilling was one proud papa on Twitter on Wednesday. The ex-Boston Red Sox player, who’s currently at spring training in Fort Meyers, Fla., took to the social media platform to congratulate his daughter Gabby who will advance her softball career by becoming a pitcher for the Salve Regina University Seahawks.

Awww. Except that warm and fuzzy feeling wouldn’t last for long. See, Ms. Schilling is quite fetching, so when the boys of Salve Regina heard about the coed’s impending enrollment via her dad, things went awry in that Schilling may or may not have threatened to murder every single person who tried to virtually hit on Ms. Schilling via Twitter. He’s got friends in special forces, guys.

The tweets began after he made the announcement on Wednesday and continued into Thursday morning.

It’s likely there’s no real reason to worry. After all, Mark Brunell never physically fought Mark Sanchez when he feared the then 23-year-old quarterback would hit on his young daughter, so Schilling is likely acting just like any other stereotypical overprotective dad in the world. It’s just that most other stereotypical overprotective dads don’t spend so much time on Twitter.