In theory, Thursday night featured all sorts of sports action, including NBA, NHL and Top 25 college basketball games. In fact, one of those NBA games boasted an epic performance by LeBron James against the ever-exciting Warriors.

But for all practical purposes, Thursday night, at least for online dwellers, was about one thing, and one thing only: The Dress. Was it gold and white? Blue and black? Some other combination? WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT THING COLORED?

This craze, which pretty much picked up right where Llama-mania left off, dominated the Internet, and sports figures were certainly not going to be left out of the action. Just in case you were, like, asleep or outside or literally under a rock while all this was going on, here’s the dress in question, courtesy of the Wizards’ Kevin Seraphin:

He phrased that as a question, but let’s assume that Seraphin was, indeed, seeing white and gold. Other members of his “team” included:

Seeing things decidedly differently were these athletes:

Others just seemed confused:

Of course, many teams’ Twitter accounts weren’t going to let the craze go by without comment:

(Update, 2:30 a.m.: Okay, that one was funnier during the several hours in which the Dodgers’ interlocked “LA” letters were set against a gold background.)

Then there was that rascal, John Calipari, with a blatant pander to his team’s fan base:

Personally, I was on Team Gold and White right off the bat. How about you?