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Vince Vaughn took the polar plunge in a Chicago Blackhawks jersey

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So, here are some pictures of Vince Vaughn taking the Polar Plunge in Chicago while wearing a Blackhawks jersey.

You know, normal Sunday stuff.

Vaughn is a well-known Chicago fan, so it’s great that he repped his team at the event, which raised more than $1 million for the Special Olympics, according to the Chicago Tribune. (Lady Gaga was there, too, because reasons.)

Reports the Tribune:

“It’s too late to turn back now,” said Vaughn, a longtime Blackhawks fan, wearing a Jonathan Toews sweater. Later, the drenched star exclaimed “It’s fantastic.”

You can read the Tribune’s report from Lake Michigan here, and I hope that you do, if only because it notes that Vaughn reportedly told the crowd to “go out there and have some fun,” which is very Pierre McGuire of him.