Laila Ali stands in the ring following a “Premier Boxing Champions” bout in Las Vegas. (Harry How/Getty Images)

Ronda Rousey recently made news when she claimed that she could “beat 100 percent” of the men she hypothetically faced in the octagon. However, another woman famous for her professional fighting exploits, Laila Ali, is equally certain that Rousey would be no match for her.

Ali recently offered some thoughts to TMZ Sports, in one of the media outlet’s trademark ask-a-celebrity-questions-as-she-walks-to-her-car interviews. After a couple of questions about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight, the typically brash TMZ correspondent got right to the point: “Would you be able to take Ronda Rousey?”

Ali pointed out that they pursue(d) separate disciplines, she as a boxer and Rousey as a “UFC fighter,” but then things got a little more interesting. Here is the exchange:

Ali: “And no woman can beat me, period.”
TMZ: “No woman?”
Ali: “No woman, period.”
TMZ: “Not even Ronda?”
Ali: “Of course not. She’s too much smaller than me, anyway. She’s like the size of my daughter — my 3-year-old.”

And with that, Ali was in her car, leaving TMZ with a juicy bit of smack talk. She hasn’t fought since 2007, but fresh off a gig as a ringside reporter for NBC’s inaugural telecast of “Premier Boxing Champions,” Ali proved she still knows how to throw a jab.

The size disparity, of course, is an issue that has already been raised by Rousey’s camp, particularly in reference to a possible matchup with Cris “Cyborg” Justino. Rousey is 5-7 and fights at 135 pounds, whereas, for the record, Ali stands 5-10 and fought at 160 pounds.

On the other hand, the 28-year-old Rousey is nine years younger than Ali, and if MMA rules were in place for a hypothetical fight between the two, she would surely attempt to get Ali on the ground and put her in the kind of fight-ending arm bar that was so effective — so quickly — against Cat Zingano.

Getting back to the TMZ interview, Ali also mentioned that while she wasn’t sure who her legendary father, Muhammad Ali, would be rooting for in the upcoming mega-fight, she guessed it would not be Pacquiao, because “he’s gonna go for the fighter with more skill, and Mayweather is a superior talent.”

Too bad we’ll likely never find out who would prove to be the greater talent in a fight between Ali, who finished her boxing career with a 24-0 record (21 by knockout), and MMA’s own undefeated superstar. Although, if Rousey keeps demolishing her current slate of opponents …