In the right place, these letters would look sweet.  (Stephen Chernin / AP)

Thirteen big — make that very, very big pieces — of memorabilia from the old Yankee Stadium are hitting the market next month, courtesy of Mr. October.

Reggie Jackson is putting the 10-foot-tall illuminated blue letters that spelled out “Y-A-N-K-E-E S-T-A-D-I-U-M” on the former Bronx ballpark up for sale April 1 at Sotheby’s, which figures they should fetch $300,000-$600,000.

In an uncharacteristically quiet move by the man or may not have said that he was the “straw that stirs the drink,” Jackson purchased the letters in 2008 after the Yankees’ last home game at the old place, where they had adorned the facade since 1976. It is not known how much he paid for them or just how he used them, given that they range in width from two to 10 feet. With the flick of a switch, the letters, which the Associated Press reports are made of aluminum casing with Plexiglas inserts, light up in blue. (There goes the neighborhood, especially if the letters go to a Yankees fan living in Red Sox territory.)

“There were a few items I wanted to purchase before the old Yankee Stadium was torn down, including my old locker and a section of the black bleachers off of center field,” he said, via the AP. “But I kept thinking about the stadium lettering, and if there was any way for me to own it. I ended up making an offer and was thrilled when it was accepted. It’s been a privilege to own such a recognizable piece of baseball history.”

And, no, Reggie isn’t keeping the “M” and an “E” for himself.