Charles Eugster, a 95-year-old retired dentist, set a new world record for the 200-meter indoor race in his age group. Eugster's time of 55.48 seconds broke the old record by 2.4 seconds. (Silver Grey Sports Club)

Fair warning: This story may make you feel a tad bit inadequate.

A 95-year-old retired dentist turned runner, rower, bodybuilder and all around champ has set a new world record for the 200-meter indoor race in his age group.

Shorter: Charles Eugster is a not to be messed with.


Seriously, look at him go!


On Sunday at the British Masters Athletics meeting in London, Eugster broke the world record set in 2013 by another 95-year-old man of steel, Dallas resident Orville Rogers. With a 55.48 seconds time, he was 2.4 seconds faster than the previous record. Respect.


Feisty, fit and still incredibly sharp, Eugster is a vocal advocate of old age. His secret boils down to three things: work, diet and exercise. “In that order!” he said at a Tedx talk in 2013.

“The continuing ageing of the population is one of the mot remarkable success stories of the human race in modern history,”  Eugster said. “But man has destroyed the wonder of aging, by transforming it into an age of degeneration and disease!”

Remarkably, Eugster actually took up exercise relatively recently. When he was 87, he realized that he was tired of looking old so he started exercising seriously. (We’re not making that up.)

“I hoped getting fit would stop me ageing,” Eugster told the Telegraph in 2013. “It was pure vanity, really. I looked a mess and I was having a late-life crisis. My body was degenerating. I thought: ‘Who knows about muscles?’ So, when I was 87, I joined a bodybuilding club.”

Seems like that worked out really well for him. The rest of us will just spend our time trying to catch up.

Sarah Larimer contributed to this report.

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