(Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Monday’s big boxing news was the announcement that former presidential candidate Mitt Romney would be fighting former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield in a charity boxing match on May 15.

“It will either be a very short fight, or I will be knocked unconscious,” Romney told the Salt Lake Tribune on Monday. “It won’t be much of a fight. We’ll both suit up and get in the ring and spar around a little bit.”

As far as anyone can tell, Romney’s boxing experience is limited to that time he met Manny Pacquiao before a 2012 fight.

Thirty-two days after Romney lost the 2012 election to President Obama, he was a guest of the Nevada Athletic Commission for the much-anticipated fourth fight between Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez in Las Vegas. Before the bout, he stopped by Pacquiao’s locker room. The Post’s Michael Leahy had the story:

A seated Pacquiao was having his hands taped in preparation for putting on his boxing gloves. An aide casually introduced him to Romney, who expanded on the introduction: “Hi, Manny. I ran for president and lost.”

The dressing room “exploded in laughter,” longtime Pacquiao publicist Fred Sternburg said in an e-mail Sunday morning.

Pacquiao replied that it was nice to meet Romney, Sternburg added. …

Romney chatted a little more before wishing Pacquiao a good night. Their brief meeting apparently ended without any discussion about their shared passion — politics — or Pacquiao’s work as a Filipino congressman. Romney left and joined his wife, Ann, in the sold-out arena, where their arrival elicited neither roars nor boos but simply a few handshakes from passersby. They took their seats near ringside and close to Pacquiao’s corner, seated in the proximity of former champions Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard, and basketball Hall of Famer Magic Johnson.

Pacquiao got knocked out in the sixth round. Romney likely can at best hope to last for one-sixth of that time.