Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback was already not the most popular guy among Kansans. He had won reelection last year, but that came despite poor approval ratings amid state budgetary problems (which many blamed on his tax-cutting policies).

Then Brownback showed up at Sunday’s Wichita State-Kansas NCAA tournament game, played in nearby Omaha, wearing a shirt emblazoned with logos of both schools.

As you can hear, Brownback was not warmly received. Perhaps both the Shockers and Jayhawks fans recalled that the governor was really a Wildcat, having gone to Kansas State. Of course, they could also have been united in displeasure about cuts to education the governor’s office recently announced.

In any case, the cheering-both-teams shirt — worn awkwardly over a pink dress shirt — proved to be something both sets of fans at the arena could rally against, to the delight of many Internet observers.

Brownback probably didn’t help matters by showing up in the victorious Shockers’ locker room after the game with a different t-shirt over his dress shirt.

Interesting that sometime between when CBS showed Brownback in his seat and when he turned up in the locker room, the governor became 100 percent pro-Wichita State.