(Brennan Linsley / AP)

Things have gotten a little chalky in this year’s NCAA tournament since the craziness of Thursday’s opening day. Only one double-digit seed — No. 11 UCLA — remains alive. The last time that number was so low was 2009. In four of the last five seasons, three double-digit seeds reached the Sweet 16. In 2011, that number was four.

But that doesn’t mean everyone is cleaning up in their brackets. Far from it. Everyone is still pretty terrible at it.

According to ESPN, only 14 of the more than 11.57 million entries into its bracket challenge picked all 16 region semifinalists, and another 482 got 15 of 16 correct.

Things got especially bloody in the South and East regions. Only 1.7 percent of the ESPN entries had Duke, Gonzaga, Utah and UCLA advancing to the Sweet 16 out of the South Region. In the East, where top seeds Villanova and Virginia both lost, only 1.1 percent had Oklahoma, Louisville, Michigan State and North Carolina State still alive after the round of 32.

President Obama, meanwhile, has lost three of his eight region finalists and one of his national title game participants in Villanova. He sits in the 42nd percentile in ESPN’s standings.

One group that’s doing pretty well in this NCAA tournament: Vegas oddsmakers!