New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft testified in the murder trial of Aaron Hernandez on Tuesday, saying that the team’s former tight end told him he played no role in the murder of Odin Lloyd.

“He said he was not involved,” Kraft testified, “that he was innocent.”

Kraft was on the stand for under an hour, giving testimony that was at odds with his reputation for being a media-savvy, hands-on owner. He revealed little, could not recall some things and was, at least initially, amusing. Asked by a prosecutor in the trial in Fall River, Mass., if he worked, he replied with a small smile and a nod, “I think so, yes.”

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Where, he was asked, does he work? “I work at One Patriot Place.”

And what does he do?

“Umm, whatever they ask me to do.”

From there, Kraft went on to say that Hernandez told him he was in a club at the time of the shooting death of Lloyd, the boyfriend of his fiancee’s sister, in June 2013. Hernandez is on trial for murder and also faces five weapons charges.

Kraft testified that, after Hernandez was first linked to the shooting, he and the player spoke for five-10 minutes at team headquarters, exchanging a usual greeting in which the two hugged and kissed.