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Girlfriend of Oakland A’s pitcher puts her money where her mouth is about team’s LGBT Pride Night

Oakland Athletics’ Sean Doolittle, left, signs a baseball prior to a spring training baseball game against the Chicago White Sox earlier this month in Mesa, Ariz. (Ben Margot/AP)

The Oakland Athletics are set to hold the team’s first ever LGBT Pride Night in June, and pitcher Sean Doolittle’s girlfriend, Eireann Dolan, is going to make sure it goes off seamlessly. After some season ticket holders reacted negatively to the gay-friendly event and said they’d sell their tickets for the night’s game against the San Diego Padres, Dolan offered to purchase all unwanted tickets and give them to a local charity to give out to those wanting to attend the game.

“If you’d like to sell your tickets to June 17th’s LGBT Pride Night game, I will buy them from you at face value. As many as I can,” Dolan wrote last week on her blog “Thank You Based Ball.” “From there, I will donate any tickets I purchase to the Bay Area Youth Center’s Our Space community for LGBTQ youth.”

Dolan added to those who want to sell their June 17 tickets for whatever reason: “No judgments. No questions asked.”

On Monday, Dolan updated her blog and said the response to her efforts was “(unsurprisingly) overwhelmingly positive.” Doolittle also got in on the action.

“Many have offered to donate their tickets for this effort, and others have offered to donate money to buy tickets,” Dolan wrote. “My boyfriend, Oakland A’s pitcher Sean Doolittle, has agreed to match any tickets I purchase.”

The couple also set up a GoFundMe campaign to collect donations. In 21 hours Dolan said the original $6,000 goal was met, so she upped it to $10,000. Within another day, the fund had exceeded $12,500 thanks to nearly 300 philanthropists.

Dolan says one of the reasons she’s so passionate about LGBT rights is because she grew up with two moms. And one of the reasons she’s making sure LGBT Pride Night happens at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum is because of her moms’ love of the A’s vs. Padres rivalry. She tells her story on her blog:

“My biological mom Kathy and her partner Elise (who grew up in the Bay Area) are both die-hard A’s fans as well as super gay. Like, they’re so gay for each other that they’ve fostered a long-term loving relationship likely no different from any heterosexual loving relationships you’ve seen or been a part of.
My moms are begrudgingly living in San Diego as transplants amongst all of the San Diego Padres fans. The team the Athletics will play (and beat) on Pride Night? The San Diego Padres. This night was made for them. In fact I’m starting to suspect that the Athletics focus-grouped this event idea with just my two moms and nobody else.
“It couldn’t be any more perfectly tailored to my moms than if the team announced that NPR’s Terry Gross will also be throwing out the first pitch and there will be a free notepad giveaway on which my moms can write down all of the reasons I should have majored in something more practical in college.”

Dolan jokes, but her efforts are serious and many other baseball fans (besides her moms) have thanked her on Twitter.