(Rick Callahan/AP)

On Saturday night at Indianapolis’s Lucas Oil Stadium, the Final Four college basketball teams will vie to get into the NCAA tournament championship game. Before that, however, the progressive group MoveOn.org, which is pushing for a full repeal of Indiana’s controversial “religious freedom” law, will fly a banner over the stadium protesting the legislation.

“Sir Charles is Right: Discrimination is Wrong,” the banner is set to say as it makes its way across the sky between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. EDT. The words reference Charles Barkley, who’s been a vocal opponent of the law that allows businesses to reject gay customers on the basis of religious freedom.

Barkley first spoke out against the law last week, and spoke out against it again on Thursday night after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed an amended version that critics say doesn’t go far enough to ensure LGBT people will be protected.

“Discrimination is wrong,” he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo multiple times, while calling on the NCAA to move all future tournaments, including next year’s women’s showdown, if the law wasn’t repealed or further amended.

MoveOn.org saw the law through a similar lens.

“We continue to call for the full repeal of this law, and for new legislation that protects LGBT people from discrimination,” MoveOn.org’s Community Manager Benjamin O’Keefe said in a statement sent to The Washington Post.

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In addition to the banner, the group teamed up with American Veterans for Equal Rights, the largest LGBT veterans service organization in the country, to deliver more than 63,000 signatures to NCAA headquarters on Friday, urging the organization to relocate its headquarters.

NCAA President Mark Emmert has not ruled out a move if the current iteration of the law stands. In a Thursday press conference he said (via The Associated Press), “If I believed we couldn’t conduct our affairs in any place in a fashion that didn’t prohibit discrimination against people for any number of reasons, then I would surely recommend that we move.”

He added: “I hope we don’t find ourselves in that place.”