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Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison apologizes for expletive, slur about Frank Kaminsky (updated)

Frank Kaminsky (44) loses control of the ball while being guarded by Andrew Harrison (5). (Brian Spurlock / USA Today)

Updated at 3 p.m. with Kaminsky response

Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison found out the hard way that nothing said during a post-game press conference is ever really private.

An expletive and slur directed at Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky were picked up by microphones as Harrison sat, disappointed, and tried to explain Kentucky’s first loss in 39 games. Harrison was seated with several teammates at an interview table when a reporter asked Karl-Anthony Towns about Kaminsky, saying: “Karl, could you talk about Kaminsky and what if anything is unique about defending him?” Near the end of the question, Harrison covered his mouth and mumbled, “[Expletive] that [N-word].” Naturally, video cameras caught it and social media lit up.

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By Sunday morning, Harrison, 20, was apologizing to Kaminsky on Twitter and saying that he had called “Big Frank” to apologize, adding that he used the words “in jest towards a player I respect and know.”

Both Harrison and his twin brother and teammate, Aaron, skipped the postgame handshake line with Wisconsin, too, but it was Andrew Harrison’s comment that drew attention away from that slight. A spokesman for the Wildcats said that the school would speak with Harrison.

“We have no comment until we have had a chance to evaluate it,” Eric Lindsey said.

Exactly what Kentucky will do is unclear, given that Harrison may be heading off to the NBA. As far as Kaminsky is concerned, it’s all a non-issue.

“He reached out. We talked about it,” he told reporters at Wisconsin’s press conference. “Over it. Nothing needs to be made of it.”